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The vast majority purchasing a workstation for home utilize wouldn’t commonly give careful consideration to the weight, however in the event that you will bear it with you consistently, at that point this would matter a ton. Cross breed tablets, for example, the Microsoft Surface Pro have endeavored to oblige this specialty fragment of clients searching for greatest versatility, and despite the fact that they do possess all the necessary qualities to a degree, they are either very costly, or require bargains as far as screen estimate, handling force, and console ergonomics.

Workstations, for example, the Apple MacBook and Asus ZenBook UX390UA, to give some examples, verge on accomplishing tablet-like weight at under 1kg, however a 12-inch screen can be a bit of constraining, particularly in the event that you’ll be managing spreadsheets or influencing introductions throughout the day to long. This is the place Acer’s new Swift 5 PC comes in. It’s a 14-inch PC that weighs only 970g. Outfitted with one of Intel’s most recent eighth era CPUs, and with current highlights including a unique mark sensor and a Type-C port, is this the best new ultraportable workstation? How about we discover.

Acer Swift 5 outline

There’s no chance to get of speculating the heaviness of the Swift 5 just by taking a gander at it, since it would seem that a standard 14-inch PC. It’s not exceptionally thin, and still measures around 14.9mm in thickness, on account of which Acer has figured out how to hold full-sized USB ports. In the event that slimness is what you’re after, at that point you should look out for the organization’s new Swift 7 workstation which was declared at the current year’s CES. The key to the Swift 5’s shockingly low weight is the utilization of magnesium for the body. Truth be told, the Swift 5 utilizes two combinations – a magnesium-lithium compound for the top and the base of the PC, and a magnesium-aluminum amalgam for the palm rest region.

At to begin with, these could be confused for plastic because of the low weight and an empty sound when you tap the top or the base of the PC. Be that as it may, the base doesn’t flex much notwithstanding when you apply constrain, and the cover offers fantastic insurance for the show. Regardless of our earnest attempts, we couldn’t twist the screen when we connected weight from the back of the top. This implies in spite of its dainty feel, the PC ought to have the capacity to adapt well to the rigors of regular utilize.

Acer Swift 5 level open ndtv acer quick 5

The single, vast pivot offers great torsion and effortlessly holds the cover set up at essentially any edge you pick. The cover on the Swift 5 can open the distance back to 180 degrees, giving you great adaptability for various use positions. We extremely like the shade of blue utilized here, and the matte complete doesn’t pull in an excessive number of fingerprints. The inconspicuous gold accents for the brand logos, pivot, and letters on the keys give the Swift 5 a complex look.

The show has thin outskirts on three of its four sides, and there’s simply enough room on the best for the HD webcam. The show itself is a 14-inch full-HD IPS board, which has a polished complete and furthermore bolsters touch input. Reflections can be a touch of an issue when working outside or even inside, with overhead lighting. Like most Acer PCs we’ve run over up until now, the greatest shine level is just about sufficiently sufficient to manage reflections however we could have utilized some more headroom. Touch reaction is likewise good, yet since this gadget doesn’t change over the distance into to a tablet, we only occasionally wound up utilizing it.

Numerous individuals (us included) will value the consideration of full-sized USB ports. There are two Type-A USB 3.0 ports alongside a Type-C (USB 3.1 Gen1) port. You likewise get a HDMI video out, a receiver and earphones combo attachment, a Kensington bolt space, and two LED status lights for control and charging. The absence of a physical Ethernet port is sad however shockingly, Acer has discarded the SD card space as well, which is a major frustration.

The chiclet keys are well spread out and have great travel. There’s a solitary level of white backdrop illumination which equally illuminates every one of the letters on the console. The dispersing is additionally useful generally, with the exception of the bearing keys, which feel cramped. The Home/Pg Up and End/Pg Down catches are excessively near the left and right bolt keys, and when while moving the cursor around in content reports, we frequently wound up hitting the wrong ones.

Acer Swift 5 sides ndtv acer quick 5swift 5

The trackpad is wide and its surface is smooth, however following isn’t great. The mouse pointer felt nervous, and single-and twofold taps regularly didn’t enlist extremely well. Signals in Windows 10 worked fine, however. The Swift 5 likewise has a rectangular strip for a unique finger impression sensor just beneath the console’s bolt keys, and it functioned admirably with Windows Hello. In general, the Swift 5 is constructed well and we cherish how staggeringly light it is. You get just a straightforward charger in the container, alongside some documentation for the guarantee, and a client manual.

Acer Swift 5 particulars and programming

In India, the Acer Swift 5 is accessible with either a Core i5 or Core i7 processor, and with us today is the base model with an Intel Core-i5 8250U CPU. There’s 8GB of RAM that is bound onto the motherboard, and you get 256GB of SSD stockpiling. In examination, the Core i7 variant has a 512GB SSD and an indistinguishable measure of RAM from the other model. Different determinations incorporate Wi-Fi 802.11 air conditioning, Bluetooth, a HD webcam, and stereo speakers with Dolby Audio improvement.

The Swift 5 ships with the 64-bit variant of Windows 10 Home, and the numerous Windows Store applications that are commonly preinstalled on most Windows workstations. There’s likewise a constrained time membership to Norton Security and a full form of Microsoft Office: Home and Student 2016. Acer has its own particular applications as well, for example, Care Center for checking the wellbeing of the framework and refreshing drivers; Power Button which gives you a chance to redo what happens when you press the physical power catch on the console; Quick Access, to flip highlights, for example, a blue light channel and USB charging in standby; and Acer’s own Color Intelligence include which changes the shading temperature of the screen in view of what you’re doing.

Acer Swift 5 illuminated ndtv acer

Acer Swift 5 execution and battery life

We utilized the Swift 5 for a few days and its low weight astounded us each time we lifted it. We got comparative responses from practically everybody who has lifted it up, since it would appear that any basic PC. We like that the cover didn’t wobble excessively when we utilized it on our lap in a moving vehicle, so we could complete some work amid our drive. We observed the console to be very agreeable notwithstanding for longer composing sessions.

The Swift 5 has a lot of vents on the base, and a fumes just before the pivot. This game plan functions admirably in keeping air streaming over the real segments, and we didn’t locate the base getting excessively hot with ordinary use. It clearly gets somewhat warm while charging, and the fumes fans are discernable when you’re playing a diversion or utilizing a CPU-escalated application, yet other than that, it runs genuinely cool and calm.

We didn’t confront any issues with application execution, and booting was likewise snappy because of the SSD. Our survey unit’s Micron 256GB SATA III SSD gave us a physical drive score of 486MBps in SiSoft Sandra. While this is great, it’s slower than regular NVMe SSDs. Other engineered test comes about were fair as well.

Illustrations execution was alright too. In manufactured tests like Cinebench R15, we wound up with an OpenGL score of 48.3fps. Be that as it may, with genuine amusements, the incorporated Intel UHD Graphics 620 GPU simply isn’t sufficiently intense to run 3D recreations easily. We attempted Far Cry 4 which is very versatile, however on the Swift 5, even with the determination dropped down to 1366×768 and utilizing the ‘Low’ designs preset, we just figured out how to normal 12fps. To be reasonable, the Swift 5 isn’t precisely intended to be a gaming PC, so we won’t blame it much here.

It does well with media playback. The IPS show produces rich hues and review edges are additionally great. 4K documents played well. Sound execution is great, and despite the fact that there’s very little bass, the volume level gets very high and exchanges in recordings are fresh. The Dolby Audio application helps support sound levels further. The webcam can catch 720p video yet the quality isn’t great. Under simulated lighting, there’s a reasonable piece of unmistakable chroma clamor in the darker areas of the recording.

With an end goal to hold the weight down, the Swift 5 doesn’t have an expansive battery. We found that the 2-cell battery more often than not conveyed just around five hours of runtime by and large, and that was with simply customary Web perusing and chipping away at Google Docs generally. We had the console backdrop illumination on consistently, and we regularly expected to drive the show shine up to 90 percent to manage reflections. Shockingly, Battery Eater Pro gave us a really decent runtime of 2 hours, 52 minutes. With its 45W charger, it by and large takes around 90 minutes to completely charge this workstation.


The Acer Swift 5 is one of the main PCs in India with a 14-inch show that weighs under 1kg, which makes it somewhat unique. At around this value, you can likewise discover different Ultrabooks, for example, the Dell XPS 13 9360, Lenovo Ideapad 720 Slim, or even the Asus ZenBook UX430UA – all of which share comparative details yet measure more than 1kg. On the off chance that weight is a critical factor in your purchasing choice, it will be extremely difficult to beat the Swift 5. Remember that battery life isn’t incredible, so it won’t be anything but difficult to get past a full workday on a solitary charge unless you utilize this PC minimalistically. The trackpad is a bit fiddly as well, and there’s no SD card opening.

In the event that you can live with these inadequacies and are just worried about getting the lightest PC without spending more than Rs. 1,00,000, at that point the Swift 5 could be an incredible alternative.


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