After HTC shut down its Elevate community program internationally last month, the Taiwanese smartphone maker has called it quits in China as well. In a community post earlier today, the company said that it will be shutting down its official Chinese community forum tomorrow. HTC has asked its customers to ask for support via its official service number on WeChat.
HTC China community closure
Today’s announcement doesn’t come as a surprise. Last year, HTC didn’t launch any of its smartphones in China. In fact, it closed down its flagship stores on two of China’s biggest online retailers, Jingdong and Tmall. Even in 2018, the company’s flagship U12+ model was suddenly pulled out from its official Chinese website and stores. To recall, HTC’s Elevate community program which was shut down in January this year was a big blow to its fans and customers. It was an exclusive community featuring HTC enthusiasts who provided valuable feedback on its products. Notably, entry was on an invite-only basis. Once a leader of the smartphone industry and also the maker of the first-ever Android phone back in 2008, HTC has lost its charm over the past few years. The company CEO, Yves Maitres recently confirmed that the “company stopped innovating on smartphones”  which led to its downfall.