Caviar Hand Of Fatima

Source: Caviar

What you need to know

  • Custom iPhone company Caviar has new silver iPhones available.
  • They start at just $5,300.
  • Silver is said to have various cleaning and health properties.

Caviar is a company that has become famous for building hugely expensive, and horrendously ugly custom iPhones. They cost thousands of dollars and look like a jeweler’s fever dream. And now it has some new silver oddities to share because the metal can help kill coronavirus. Or something.

The new silver iPhones start at $5,290. That will get you the “Hand of Fatima” which, apparently, will “bring peace and quiet to your home”.

Hand of Fatima is believed to repel negative energy and to bring peace and quiet to your home. It is also used as protection against evil eye.

The smartphone is made from sterling silver. The case is decorated with floral ornament engraving. The sacred symbol is in the center of the composition.

Caviar iPhone 11 Pro Hand of Fatima is definitely an exquisite accessorize which reveals and highlights the status of the owner. It is also a very powerful protective symbol able to save from evil intents and to help in difficult situations.

Caviar Dragon

Source: Caviar

There are other models to choose from if you’d prefer, and they all come with a healthy dose of silver. My favorite would have to be the “Dragon” iPhone 11 Pro, but at $5,750 it’s probably a little outside my budget. Maybe if Apple adds it to the iPhone Upgrade Program…